Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a Design Ideation process developed to help our clients discover and realize their business and individual goals. The personalized service has been created for individuals and small groups who are committed to getting better at what they do but are not exactly sure how to go about it. It is in this process that we get to know our clients and become familiar with their objectives.  It is also when we introduce the design thinking and behavioral intelligence concepts that drive our leadership, performance and creativity programs. It is during Executive Coaching that we begin to visualize how to connect our clients to their goals. Executive Coaching can be a business leadership refresher, the educational cornerstone for long term personal development or it can be the springboard for an objective business process. 

We bring a full range of possibilities to the table. Additional objectives and concentrations often become part of this discovery process. The discussions are influenced by our experiences and tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Inspired by design thinking methodology our approach guides the invested participant through imagination, discovery and visualization on the way to a broader understanding of their objective and themselves.

Because the objective of each client is different and often discovered during this design thinking process, duration’s can vary significantly. Sometimes just a couple of sessions is enough uncover a solid direction and move forward into a definitive process. Other times Executive Coaching is viewed as an effective form of leadership development and can go on for much longer. Typical duration’s range from 3-8 sessions. Fees are typically calculated on an hourly basis to ensure the best value for the client.

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